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Day: May 16, 2011

You should be listening to this: Witch Mountain

Holy sheeee-it. I don’t have a whole lot of really smart things to say about this Oregon band, and, really, Cosmo over at Invisible Oranges has already written better than I would have. All I’ll say is that you should be listening to Witch Mountain and then you should go over to their bandcamp and give them some money.

I listened to one song and bought the LP. And now, listening to the rest of the record, I think I waited too long. Get over there and let them sludge your face off as the singer Uta pounds your bones into dust with her mighty wail.

Princeton’s “The Electrician”

I like this a lot, even if I’m not super clear as to what is going on. I also dig the song. It’s got some super awesome New Wavey thing happening and it is great. Who are these guys? Why are these guys? Where are these guys?! Someone! Quick! Tell me!!!

My only complaint, and this is a technical one, is that the rolling shutter on the quick panning shots makes me a little crazy. There’s not a whole lot to do about that though.

Solid work.