This, and what it represents, is the finest advertisement of all time. Let’s consider for a moment that at numerous points along the line both client (Kawasaki) and agency (who knows) agreed AND approved of the elements in this 30 second spot which include hitchhiking vampires, disagreeing cowboys, waving bears, naked blonde chicks, yellow-shirted muscle men, flying motorcycles, and desert islands. Let me state this again, both client AND agency conceived, revised, and approved this utterly insane piece of work. Let us not forget the weirdo Moog-backed jingle which has entirely nothing to do with what is happening on screen. Combined, we have witnessed the pinnacle of advertising weirdness, a height which would not only never have been reached in today’s scared-to-take-risks market but would never have even been considered. Kawasaki of the 1970s, I salute you and your marketing risks.

A waving bear? I absolutely love it.