What is this insane genius?! Why am I just finding out about this now!?

I sent the Gravy Rainbow video to my brother Charlie and explained to him that I really like when people just make fun, silly music without any real plan to monetize it. They get to be as weird and silly as they like and not worry that it’s going to put people off. It’s like they’re all, “Hey, I made this really cool, silly record and you should listen to it and I am giving it away for free. FUNNNNN!!!!” And I’m all, “Yeah, man, that’s awesome. Here’s money.” Which is exactly what I did with Disasteradio. You can download both of his records for free from his bandcamp but I gave him 10 bucks. I think I enjoyed the Gravy Rainbow video at least 10 bucks worth, probably even more. Everyone should give this guy their money. Seriously. Do it now. The Black Laser commands it.