Ascii.Disko’s (aka Daniel Holc) self-titled release was one of my favorite electronic records of 2003, along with And One’s Aggressor. Then, for some reason, he completely dropped off my musical radar. The other day while listening to And One (I’ve been doing that a lot recently), Ascii.Disko popped into my head so I headed on over to the old Googles and checked to see what the hell the old boy’s been up to. As it turns out, quite a lot. He’s released a couple of records and like nine million singles and EPs as Ascii.Disko since 2003. Where the hell have I been?

There was also the video above made for his track “Jawbreaker” from his 2009 single of the same name. The song was later incorporated into his 2010 album Stay Gold Forever Gold. As it turns out I’ve seen this video and even have some vague recollection of posting it here, but a search reveals that I have not done so. Weird!

It’s a cool video for a mechanical as fuck track and I think you should check it out. It might not be for everyone, but I dig it.