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Day: March 2, 2011

Game of Thrones trailer

Holy. Shit. This trailer makes me want to do three things.

  1. Reread Game of Thrones
  2. Get cable so I can have HBO
  3. Asplode

Of course, none of those will happen and I’ll probably end up watching the series sometime in 2012 on disc or streaming. Nevertheless I am very excited about this as it looks quite faithful to how I imagined the book. And Boromir as Eddard Stark? Kind of awesome, even though different than I pictured. Seriously, this thing is giving me such a geekboner I can hardly contain myself.

In the end, it’s making the wait for Dance With Dragons even more unbearable. PLEASE!!! PLEEEEEEAAASSSSEEEE!!!!!

Mose Giganticus’ “The Left Path”

I haven’t heard the record from which this song comes, but I really really dig the sonically richer, updated Prong kind of thing they’ve got going on. Give it a listen now that you’ve read the name Prong and tell me I’m not right about that. I dare you.


Crowbar’s “All I Had (I Gave)”

I was chatting with Lindsey today about her friend’s metal band. I mentioned that the female singer actually sounds a lot like Kirk Windstein from Crowbar, but instead of posting the band in question I am just going to share with you one of my favorite all time Crowbar songs. Check out the bassist’s super 90s hair cut. Fuck yes. This is like middle school all over for me. I fucking love Crowbar.

Epic Meal Time – Maximum Protein Experience

“Beast mode ENGAGED.”