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Month: March 2011 (page 1 of 4)

Protest The Hero’s “C’est La Vie”

Oh my god, this new Protest The Hero record is so awesome that you should buy it right now and listen to it 100 million times on repeat and then come back here and compliment me on my excellent taste. That’s just how life is. Do it. Now.

The finest advertisement I’ve ever seen.

This, and what it represents, is the finest advertisement of all time. Let’s consider for a moment that at numerous points along the line both client (Kawasaki) and agency (who knows) agreed AND approved of the elements in this 30 second spot which include hitchhiking vampires, disagreeing cowboys, waving bears, naked blonde chicks, yellow-shirted muscle men, flying motorcycles, and desert islands. Let me state this again, both client AND agency conceived, revised, and approved this utterly insane piece of work. Let us not forget the weirdo Moog-backed jingle which has entirely nothing to do with what is happening on screen. Combined, we have witnessed the pinnacle of advertising weirdness, a height which would not only never have been reached in today’s scared-to-take-risks market but would never have even been considered. Kawasaki of the 1970s, I salute you and your marketing risks.

A waving bear? I absolutely love it.

Disasteradio’s “Visions”

What is this insane genius?! Why am I just finding out about this now!?

I sent the Gravy Rainbow video to my brother Charlie and explained to him that I really like when people just make fun, silly music without any real plan to monetize it. They get to be as weird and silly as they like and not worry that it’s going to put people off. It’s like they’re all, “Hey, I made this really cool, silly record and you should listen to it and I am giving it away for free. FUNNNNN!!!!” And I’m all, “Yeah, man, that’s awesome. Here’s money.” Which is exactly what I did with Disasteradio. You can download both of his records for free from his bandcamp but I gave him 10 bucks. I think I enjoyed the Gravy Rainbow video at least 10 bucks worth, probably even more. Everyone should give this guy their money. Seriously. Do it now. The Black Laser commands it.

Disasteradio’s “Gravy Rainbow”

How has this been on the internet for 7 DAYS without me seeing it?!

Big Freedia’s “Y’All Get Back Now”

Oh hey, Free, it’s been a while (not really) since I’ve posted about you here. Luckily Charles just sent me the Stereogum premiere of your new video for “Y’All Get Back Now” so our little involuntary hiatus an come to an end.

The video features Big Freedia all over the place demanding people shake their asses. Luckily, she is wicked huge, like Gojira wicked huge, so people have to obey. It doesn’t hurt thats she is dropping super hot bounce beats across the nation for people to shake their respective asses to. I am not displeased with this and eagerly await the next video.

Thanks for the heads-up, Charles!

Bodi Bill’s “Brand New Carpet”

This is the video for the new Bodi Bill track called “Brand New Carpet” from their recently released record What?.

I know absolutely nothing about these guys except that they’re German, but I really dig this video and this song. It’s almost what I would expect if I heard that Andrew Bird was going to release a house record. Actually, it’s pretty much exactly what I would expect if I heard that Andrew Bird was going to release a house record. I’m not sure I can give it higher praise than that. A quick Google search also reveals that they have a song called “I Like Holden Caulfield”. That is amazing. You know what? I’m going to include that video too just because I’m good like that. Enjoy.

Enhance your memory…with BLOODLUST

Oh! I get it! By “Sea of Writhing Virgins Impaled On Pikes” you meant “get lettuce at the grocery store”! How could I have forgotten with such a simple mnemonic?

Silly me.

Thanks, Ryan!

RIP Nate Dogg