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Day: February 24, 2011

Deicide’s “Empowered By Blasphemy”

Because I feel so bad about that Soilwork song, here’s some Deicide to help you forget.

This is “Empowered By Blasphemy” from Deicide’s newest record To Hell With God. Ah, Deicide, so reliable. I love you.

Soilwork’s “Let This River Flow”

Do you remember when A Predator’s Portrait came out and it was super awesome and then Natural Born Chaos came out and you listened the shit out of that record? That was so awesome. Soilwork was such an awesome band back then.


This is not the same band. I mean, it’s technically the same band, but this song sucks so fucking much it breaks my heart to remember how killer Soilwork was back in the early 00s. Excuse me while I go blast the memory of this horrible shit out of my head with some Deicide.