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Day: February 21, 2011

Cut Copy’s “Need You Now”

Here’s another example of a $10 music video, but I think they did a better job than The Darkest Hour. Football players wielding swords for the win. It’s a good example of how to make a cool ass video for a tight ass budget. I mean what could they have spent money on? Sound stage, smoke machine, sports outfits (some of which are probably owned by the actors), weapons. I can just hear the director say, “Ok, now you have weapons. Run back and forth, but don’t hit the band.” I wish I was there.

If you haven’t heard it yet, the new Cut Copy record Zonoscope is stupidly great. It is the next step away from their synthpop origins, continuing the move from Bright Like Neon Love to In Ghost Colours. They’ve really gone full-blown new wave on this one and it is incredibly successful. I cannot wait to see them live in April.

Darkest Hour’s “Savor The Kill”

Chicks staring at each other + the woods + doggies + band playing in a strobe light room + (spoiler alert!) chick in white actually being a wolf and ripping out the heart of the chick in red = fairly standard $10 heavy metal video.

“Savor The Kill” comes from Darkest Hour’s newest record “The Human Romance” which you can hear stream in its entirety here. The song is probably the most typical of the band’s style on the record, but I think that the parts of the album in which they venture into new territory are the best like in “The World Engulfed In Flames”. Overall, a solid output by a consistent as hell band. Check it out.