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Posts published in “Day: January 7, 2011

EightclipAnonymous’ “I The Pro Res Maker”

If you are not involved in production or post-production in any way, this video is going to make about as much sense to you as a binder full of math problems makes to a skunk. However, if, like me, you are involved, please to enjoy this video created at Beast San Francisco on a slow day just before Christmas (you know, that formerly pagan holiday we all just had to suffer through). I don’t know the fellow starring in the video, but I see Connor in there and I know him, so that’s pretty sweet ass and shit. I used to be work compatriots with tese folks before the Great Laying Off of 2009 when we all existed under the name of Filmcore.

Ah, halcyon days of yore.

My favorite line? “You shot 4K, but you’re finishing SD. That doesn’t make any sense, you see.” So fucking true it hurts.


This is like a real life version of the DJO Star Trek videos I’ve posted before. Hilarious. I am impressed at how quickly he’s able to rattle off streams of barely coherent nonsense in a tone of voice that sounds like he is, in fact, saying something important.