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Month: January 2011 (page 1 of 3)

Please explain these interwebs to me again…

Oh snap.

Dan Savage on progress

I’ve discussed Dan Savage here before when he came out with the It Gets Better Project. Tonight, I’ve been sifting through the interwebs and happened across this video where he’s talking about the absurdity of the Bible’s opinion of homosexuality and what he thinks the measure of progress is. It’s worth your time.


I love Axe Cop. A lot. A lot a lot. If you’re not clued in, Axe Cop is a coming written by Malachai Nicolle (aged 6) and drawn by his brother Ethan Nicolle (aged 30). If you remember being a six year old boy ever, then Axe Cop is the jam for you. I mean, seriously, a cop with an axe. That’s so awesome. I highly suggest you begin at the first episode and work your way forward across the progressively more insane landscape of Axe Cop’s world. You will be happy you did.

Recently, Peter Muehlenberg released this short fan film based on the first episode of the comic. It’s surprisingly faithful and unsurprisingly bad ass. I mean, come on, he’s a fucking cop with a fucking axe. You’d have to have dinosaurs to make it better. OH WAIT.

“Please pray for my cousin Carlton and my uncle Phil.”

Bonus points for the sneaky Rick Roll.

Crystal Castles’ “Not In Love”

Reminiscent of the video for DeLorean’s “Stay Close” and of similar palette to today’s Karl X Johan’s “Flames”, though wildly different content and style, this video for the Crystal Castles’s song “Not In Love” is pretty neat as a sort of textural piece. I’d like to see it projected on a huge wall as people mingled and got in the way of the projection. As far as narrative goes, it’s got nothing, but I don’t think that’s the point. It’s clearly a mood piece, nothing more, nothing less. As with the DeLorean video, I can appreciate all the layers in this.

It’s nice. The song’s decent, even if you’re not a huge fan of Robert Smith’s unmistakeable vocal style.

Karl X Johan’s “Flames” (Director’s Cut)

No lie, this song is doing nothing for me at all. So little in fact I’m not even going to bother to explain who Karl X Johan is. Some dudes named Karl and Johan? Maybe they’re like German or Norwegian or Swedish or some shit? Fuck man, who knows.

What I DO know is that this video composed of entirely macro photography is amazing. I love the super lush colors and how fucking sexy it is chronicling a woman’s night from drying off from the shower to club to bonetown to the morning after. Watch it in full screen. Then watch it again. It’s really really good. The video is amazingly suggestive without ever resorting to full on nudity. Totally amazing.

Don’t piss off David Thorne.

Context. Oh, how I love 27b/6.

Deicide before they were Deicide on Florida public access in 1988

Holy shit.

Here’s some totally awesome classic footage of Deicide (then known as Amon) performing “Sacrificial Suicide” on super shitty Florida public access television. And check the killer David Vincent cameo. This is pure Death Metal history, kiddies, and you should pay attention.

For your reference, here’s the album version of the song they’re playing from Deicide’s 1990 self-titled debut.

[audio:|titles=Sacrificial Suicide|artists=Deicide]