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Day: December 15, 2010

Daft Punk’s “Derezzed”

Holy shit, have you heard the soundtrack for Tron Legacy yet? It’s balls to the wall amazing. Charles complained to me that it was very electro which I think it dubious criticism since, obviously, it’s not going to sound like a Daft Punk record. That would be just silly. Instead it sounds like a modern, cinematic updating of Wendy Carlos’ original score. I think it’s fantastic and totally fitting to the feel of Tron.

“Derezzed” is the first single of the soundtrack. It is easily the most electro track on the record, the rest of which sounds like outer space robot movie score. The most similar music I’ve heard recently is the scores to Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, both of which stood out to me as exemplary of cinematic music that is also spacey and electronic and minimal and dark and wonderful.

I like that the Tron jousters in the video look more like the original Tron designs than the current updating. It reminds me of the first time I saw the film, on laserdisc, and how much it blew my mind. Later when I learned how painstaking the creation of the film was, I was even more impressed. It is always remarkable when people invent new technology just to make a movie.

A few months ago, I watch Tron again and it kind of sucked, but it was still totally awesome. I can’t wait to see the new one on Christmas Day.

Rodney White – Name It & Claim It

Remember the “A Peek Behind the Curtain – The Making Of…” video I posted back in August? Of course you do! You’re my biggest fan! In that post I referenced another video I had cut for Rodney that I could not yet share. Well, the video went live this week and here it is!

I think the video came out super fucking cool. Maybe a hair long, but it might just be that I’ve seen it a million times. It was shot by Arian, the same dude with whom I did the Atmospheres videos.

Rodney had me put this together for a contest he’s running in association with Here’s what he wrote about the contest.

Submit a title for this painting HERE
Be sure to include “Name Game” in the Subject line and
your suggested title in the Comments box.

If I choose your name is chosen, the original painting is yours to keep. Good luck!
– R39W
Submissions will be accepted until January 15th and the winner will be announced on January 31st.

There it is. Name the painting and it’s yours. I’m thinking “Cerebral Manscapes of the Final Dimension.” Pretty snappy, right? Don’t use it. It’s mine.

Go over to the Name It & Claim It page for more details.

Press for Better Names for Baby

You’ll remember a few days ago that my friends Charles and Matt came out with their Better Names for Baby book. Well they’ve been getting some decent press across the old interwebs and I thought it worth sharing with you.

The first, and best, was when they were featured at Boing Boing.

Appropriately, the readership of Boing Boing got the joke and overall people were pretty positive about the book. And why shouldn’t they be? It’s hilarious. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for other sites.

From Church Crunch:

It looks like the author of the post didn’t even bother to read the book at all, but one of the commenters did.

AAAANnnnddd clearly he didn’t get it at all. Oops!

They got a similar reaction to this post about the book from The Bump:

Though the author of the post gets it, some of the commenters seem a little lost.

It was also posted about on the CH Runners forum. The initial post is right on, but some of the comments are damn strange.

…and then they get weird.

Well maybe it’s just that one dude. Overall, the rest of the commenters got it. And then Charles chimed in.

A couple months ago at a screening of The Frontiersman’s Wife, a film I edited, I shocked myself by heckling my own film It was then I realized I am an inveterate heckler to the point that even my own work is not safe from my snarky commentary. Charles is the internet version of that trolling a thread about his work. Hilarious.

If you haven’t yet bought a copy, do. Better Names for Baby.