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Day: December 2, 2010

Nouvelle Vague’s “I’ll Melt With You”

Someone just described this song to me like this:

this is so… sparkling morning air

and sex

I figured I’d share.

I Whip My Hair – The Remix Cloud

It is no secret that I loathe Willow Smith’s “I Whip My Hair”. The song is awful.

But, the fine folks over at the Mad Decent blog (you do read them, don’t you?) have done humanity the fine favor of sorting through 22 pages of Soundcloud remixes of this terrible track and then posted their favorites. It is remarkable how a little creativity can turn something utterly insipid into something that makes you want to dance your balls off.

I think my favorite remix they posted is the Anthem Kingz “Whip My Hair (Kingz Whip It Harder Mix)”. They’re all good. Check the collection here.

While you’re there, dig through the blog. You’ll find all sorts of free music gems. Unless you have shitty taste, then lord help you.

Anderson Cooper makes me laugh with his awesomeness.

Oh, Anderson Cooper, with your “logic” and “facts” and “research” and “sources” and things, don’t you know that Barry is ovvies an Islamic terrorist spy without US Citizenship that wants to destroy America and Christianity (but not Catholicism since the Pope is evil) and lead the world into a socialist hell hole where people will receive reasonably priced, if not free, medical care, schools will be funded, and pointless wars will cease? Don’t you know he’s trying to destroy everything America stands for?

Also, the extension of tax cuts by GOP bullying? Rude. Dear America, I will gladly pay more money in taxes so we can have better services.

And don’t get me started on the TSA circus. We’re all doomed. Liberties be damned. What we need is the illusion of safety.