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Posts published in December 2010

The Theme for 2011

After the unmitigated disaster that was my Theme for 2010, it’s time to reevaluate the way I intend to approach 2011. But first, let’s explore what I set out to do for 2010 and where I think everything went wrong because, without exaggeration, everything went wrong.

The thing you’ll notice first when looking over at the tally for the year in the right hand column is that I accomplished basically nothing of what I intended at this time last year. My grand plans to write something substantial every single month AND make three music videos fell right through the floor. Whose fault is that? Mine, of course. But, the other question is am I upset about it? Nope. Not at all.

Where was all the work? It was there, but not in the places I intended. 2010 was a very busy year for me professionally and with other personal projects. As it turned out, I engaged in a ton of projects through the year.

What the hell did I spend all year doing? Well, I cut a film, 6 other videos, a bunch of commercials, I took the whole summer off, I moved out of my old apartment and adjusted to life as a single man, I traveled around the country, I reconnected with old friends, I made new friends, I made music, I partied way too much, and who knows what else. The bottom line is that I was busy busy busy and I enjoyed (almost) every moment of it.

So, I didn’t get the things done I wanted to get done this year, but in the face of a major shift in my life, I was able to accomplish a number of other things. I feel good about how 2010 turned out overall and have no complaints. Sure, in retrospect I could have slowed my roll a little bit and gotten more done, but I needed to get it out of my system too. I also think that the important part about the theme is not that I make something specific, but that I make something no matter what it is. The idea is to be creatively active, engaged, making things.

The theme for 2011 will be…

The Year of 12 Projects (and Slowing My Roll)

What does this entail? Simple. For each month of the year I will do something creative that requires more than one sitting. It’s not going to be one-per-month to allow for me to do 2 at once or skip a month if needed, but as there are 12 months in the year, so will I walk into 2012 with 12 projects finished. What the scope or nature of these projects will be I cannot say. The only requirement is that they are creative. It could be anything. Right off the bat, I am thinking of redesigning The Black Laser, getting up and running, a short story set in OUTER SPACE!!!!, some music, a music video for my friend Mandy, and whatever the hell else my brain comes up with. Make make make.

The other half of the theme is to slow my roll. If you don’t understand what I mean, it can be boiled down to two words: party less. I’ve gone a little nuts this year and it’s taking its toll on me. It’s been the default mode for me this year. When I don’t have anything to do, I go out. Bad news. I need to figure out ways to entertain myself that don’t end with an empty wallet and a scarred liver. Common sense, I think. Besides, I have some trips planned for later this year and it would be nice to be able to afford them.

There it is. Look out for posts tagged “The Year of 12 Projects”. When the first one is done, I will make a new box on the right. Or I won’t. Wouldn’t you like to know?!?!

Merry Christmas, Mortals!

I hope you’re having a festive Christmas with your family. For those of you who don’t buy into the whole “God impregnated a little Jewish girl who then had the baby in a fucking barn while three Asian dudes checked her shit out and brought her a bunch of crap she didn’t need and, oh yeah, there’s some farm animals hanging out too” spiel, then I hope you’re having a nice time off work. And if you’re unlucky enough to be working, then may god (the virgin impregnator) have mercy on your soul (such as it exists).

To celebrate this festive, made-up holiday, let’s watch some fucking videos, eh!?

First off, GWAR!!!!!!

Will Ferrell and John C Reilly’s Little Drummer Boy!!!!!!

Brett Domino doing Fairytale of New York!!!!!!

Majela ZeZe Diamond singing her Christmas hit!!!!!

A Very Tron Christmas Special!!!

He-Man and the Eating of Flesh, a random thought

This morning on the train I was staring through the subway window letting my brain go where ever the hell it is my brain wants to go when I’m well rested (read: all over the fucking place), when I remembered a scene from the 1987 live action He-Man film that, for some reason or another, has always stuck with me.

It goes something like this:

EXT. DAYTIME BUSHES – MAN AT ARMS, his DAUGHTER, and the little WIZARD dude are hiding in some bushes. TEENAGE LEAD approaches them with a bucket of fried chicken. They commence to eat said fried chicken while still hiding in the bush.

What is this? It’s quite delicious!

Chicken. Pretty good too.

A chicken? Like the animal?


You mean this was alive? They eat animals?

Yup. We used to eat like this back in the war.

Daughter and little Wizard look disgusted an drop their chicken back into the bucket. Man At Arms keeps eating, enjoying every bite.


I don’t know WHY this has always stuck with me. The movie is wholly unremarkable, even to a 7 year old. But there’s something about Man At Arm’s “fuck it” attitude here that resonated with young Joe. I have snippets of other stuff from the film—the time key, Courtney Cox, Skeletor turning into super Skeletor at the end, Dolph Lundgren—but this scene is easily the clearest.

Weird how that happens, eh?

Daft Punk’s “Derezzed”

Holy shit, have you heard the soundtrack for Tron Legacy yet? It’s balls to the wall amazing. Charles complained to me that it was very electro which I think it dubious criticism since, obviously, it’s not going to sound like a Daft Punk record. That would be just silly. Instead it sounds like a modern, cinematic updating of Wendy Carlos’ original score. I think it’s fantastic and totally fitting to the feel of Tron.

“Derezzed” is the first single of the soundtrack. It is easily the most electro track on the record, the rest of which sounds like outer space robot movie score. The most similar music I’ve heard recently is the scores to Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, both of which stood out to me as exemplary of cinematic music that is also spacey and electronic and minimal and dark and wonderful.

I like that the Tron jousters in the video look more like the original Tron designs than the current updating. It reminds me of the first time I saw the film, on laserdisc, and how much it blew my mind. Later when I learned how painstaking the creation of the film was, I was even more impressed. It is always remarkable when people invent new technology just to make a movie.

A few months ago, I watch Tron again and it kind of sucked, but it was still totally awesome. I can’t wait to see the new one on Christmas Day.

Rodney White – Name It & Claim It

Remember the “A Peek Behind the Curtain – The Making Of…” video I posted back in August? Of course you do! You’re my biggest fan! In that post I referenced another video I had cut for Rodney that I could not yet share. Well, the video went live this week and here it is!

I think the video came out super fucking cool. Maybe a hair long, but it might just be that I’ve seen it a million times. It was shot by Arian, the same dude with whom I did the Atmospheres videos.

Rodney had me put this together for a contest he’s running in association with Here’s what he wrote about the contest.

Submit a title for this painting HERE
Be sure to include “Name Game” in the Subject line and
your suggested title in the Comments box.

If I choose your name is chosen, the original painting is yours to keep. Good luck!
– R39W
Submissions will be accepted until January 15th and the winner will be announced on January 31st.

There it is. Name the painting and it’s yours. I’m thinking “Cerebral Manscapes of the Final Dimension.” Pretty snappy, right? Don’t use it. It’s mine.

Go over to the Name It & Claim It page for more details.