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Day: November 16, 2010

“Whip My Hair” the Sizzurp Version

I’ve noted before how much I hate this song, but if anything was going to make it palatable it’s that purple drank. Enjoy.

This is the best cover song I’ve heard in some time.

Bonnie Prince Billy’s “Am I Demon”

[audio:|titles=Am I Demon|artists=Bonnie Prince Billy]

In case you be ig’nant, let me illuminate your pathetic world with the original.

Which do you prefer? Is the not-as-good, original better for being original? Or is the cover better for actually being better even though it’s derivative? Did I just lose HUGE points for saying that I prefer the Bonnie Prince Billy version to Danzig? Well you know what?! THIS IS MY WEBSITE. Deal.

My super awesome trip to the Metropolitan Opera House.

Last Friday my friend Shelby, who works for the Metropolitan Opera doing events, invited me (on my insistence) to take a tour of the opera house. It was so ridiculously awesome that I recommend every New Yorker have a friend like Shelby and make her take you on a tour during the middle of a work day. Here is a list, in no particular order, of the things I enjoyed while there.

  • Entering through the employees’ entrance
  • Seeing the auditorium empty except for the stagehands setting up for that night’s performance of Carmen
  • Going on stage (I didn’t sing)
  • Seeing the costume shop, set shop, and properties area
  • Discovering that every dressing room for a principal actor has its own piano for warm ups
  • The faces of every person who saw us and was all, “Who the fuck are these kids?”
  • Shelby saying “fudge” instead of “fuck”
  • The smell of the place, like old people
  • Going into the chorus rehearsal room
  • And, really, so much more

But of all the things I saw, one really stood out for me. It was this.


Are you kidding me?! How amazing is this thing? It’s huge! So huge, in fact, that I made Shelby get into the photo so we had a sense of its scale. I want this in my house so bad it hurts.

My only regret of the day is that I didn’t bring my camera with me. I thought it presumptuous so I left it at home and I told her as much. She said that it would have been all right though, and I immediately felt a pang of regret. Oh well. I’ll just have to find a reason to go back camera in hand.