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Day: November 9, 2010

New Joad Cressbeckler! New Joad Cressbeckler!

Joad Cressbeckler Fears Genetic Modification Causes ‘Wrath-Minded Taters’

“Them Hebrews what signed my promissory note come to me and said ol’ Joad needed to have a book.”

“Who and what’s behind these taters monkeyshines?!”

“Tater disease what brung us Irish.”

“You’re tater mindin’ you’re lookin’ to infiltrate ol’ Joad’s cabin but you’re too late!”

I can not get enough of these. I love the Onion’s video news segments, but these are such genius that I wish they did them every week. I would repost every single one because I love them so so so so so so much. Everybody needs ornery old prospectors in their lives. I do.

Andrew Bird’s “Anonanimal”

This is this official video clip for Andrew Bird’s “Anonanimal” off 2009’s Noble Beast. It’s a neat little blacklight-toned stop motion animation affair. I thought I would post it in light of yesterday’s TED talk.