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Turbo Sonidero Futuristico’s “Donador de Organo” & Mexicans With Guns’ “Dame Lo” by System D-128

I found this video on the MadDecent blog today and, though it is amazing, I had this sneaking feeling that I’d seen parts of it before. Using my super interweb skillz (I went to the original Vimeo page), I found that it does indeed recycle footage from another short film I’d seen called “Dame Lo”.

I searched here to see if I’d posted it before, and I was surprised to discover that I had not. I have no idea why I hadn’t because it’s absolutely worth watching. To make up for my earlier mistake, I present both here to you now. Besides some not entirely great all the time acting, “Dame Lo” slays. Also, check the Spanish dubstep. I love it.

Mind that these are both music videos and while I usually post videos independently of each other, they’re both made by the same dude and share footage, so it made sense to post them together. I think that once you watch both, it will make sense to you too. Also, they’re potentially NSFW (as is almost everything else on this blog) so caveat emptor.