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Posts published in “Day: October 3, 2010

The Silver Fox is PISSED.

“Do you consider yourself a bigot?” OUCH.

What Andrew Shirvell is doing is abhorrent. To target this student in this, frankly, insane manner is just beyond belief for me. I can’t even conceive of the dysfunctional mind that would become obsessed and fixated like this. Dude is fucked up for sure. I hope this has a good ending, i.e., Shirvell disgraced and fired and Chris Armstrong able to move on and not be fucked up by this.

Even better than how awkward Shirvell comes off is how fucking pissed Anderson Cooper is getting about this. Appropriately, of course, but it’s remarkable how hard he’s straining not to blow up at this idiot. Watch the video for the most bizarre news story I’ve encountered in a while. Such poor behavior from a public servant.