I sent this video to my friend Bethany and she told me I was going to hell for laughing at it. To quote:

it’s like laughing at the mentally handicapped
you’re going to hell, Joe Dillingham

But, it’s hilarious and I don’t care. All the funnest folks are in hell anyway, so that’s fine by me. In fact, it inspired me to make a KickTag compilation of some choice moments in this woman’s dazzling singing career.


Oh god, I can’t make it not autoplay. Big no-no. Here’s a link:

I don’t know if I signed an NDA or not, but I’m helping my friend test this new thing out. More about it later.

And did you know there’s an Auto-tuned Sunny D & Rum? Of course there is.

Even better is the sponsored video on the Sunny D & Rum page.

Isn’t the internet marvelous? Who wants to have a Sunny D & Rum party? I’d definitely be down, but we’d have to do it without Sunny D since that shit is poison.