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Posts published in “Day: September 30, 2010

Salem’s “Asia”

Here is the video for Salem’s “Asia” off their frankly astounding debut LP King Night which was just released by IAMSOUND. Seriously, it might be my favorite electronic record of 2010 so far. It’s that good. This video perfectly captures the feel of the music too. Excellent dark, lo-fi atmosphere. If you are a fan of smart electronic music, check this shit out. It’s really really good. Brilliant.

Sunny D & Rum

I sent this video to my friend Bethany and she told me I was going to hell for laughing at it. To quote:

it’s like laughing at the mentally handicapped
you’re going to hell, Joe Dillingham

But, it’s hilarious and I don’t care. All the funnest folks are in hell anyway, so that’s fine by me. In fact, it inspired me to make a KickTag compilation of some choice moments in this woman’s dazzling singing career.


Oh god, I can’t make it not autoplay. Big no-no. Here’s a link:

I don’t know if I signed an NDA or not, but I’m helping my friend test this new thing out. More about it later.

And did you know there’s an Auto-tuned Sunny D & Rum? Of course there is.

Even better is the sponsored video on the Sunny D & Rum page.

Isn’t the internet marvelous? Who wants to have a Sunny D & Rum party? I’d definitely be down, but we’d have to do it without Sunny D since that shit is poison.