In April or May, my friend Rodney contacted me about cutting together a video his friend Arian had shot.

This is not that video. Unfortunately for you all, that piece is still in wraps since he hasn’t launched the event associated with it yet.

Luckily for you all, Rodney did later ask me to cut together this simple little behind the scene film of him painting in the time lapse footage which can be seen on his site. It features music created specifically for Rodney’s site by his friend Asen James. The piece was shot by Arian. The time lapse was directed by Kareem Black.

[flv width=”560″ height=”447″][/flv]

It’s not too complex, but it’s punchy and effective and nice and short. I think it does a good job at getting the idea across without ever becoming boring. It was a fun little piece to work on and I look forward to more collaborations with Rodney. This sort of thing is a lot of fun for me. He gets something and I get something. Good times for all.