Do you want to see the most inoffensive video with a ridiculous warning label at the front I’ve ever seen?

Of course, if you are of light constitution, you might find it offensive. I didn’t. Here’s a list of things one might consider “offensive”.

  • Swedes in corpsepaint.
  • Blast beats.
  • A rather tame, silly suicide scene.
  • Corridors.
  • Drummers.
  • Leather.
  • Fake blood.
  • Pentagram doublets.
  • Dudes with hoods on in the woods.
  • Silly disclaimers.
  • Flies caught in spiderwebs.
  • Bassists looking melancholy.
  • Pools of light.

If you find any of those things offensive, then, well, what are you doing here? The song’s pretty good though, if Black Metal’s your thing. Give it a whirl.