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Vocoder’s “What Happens Now?” and a whole bunch of other videos.

I cannot believe I’ve never posted this video on The Black Laser before. It’s so great it makes me really believe that the universe is full of magic and love and sparkles.


Vocoder is a Spanish synth band from the 80s. I first saw this video about 4 years ago, which is pretty much a billion years in internet time. It is wonderful. Do you see him playing the TB-303 as if it were some sort of key-based synth? I know. I do too. Delightful.

After enjoying the Japanese synth trio below on Youtube, I found about a million more Vocoder videos I’d never seen. I came back here, searched to see if I’d posted “What Happens Now?” before, found that I had not, had a conniption, and then started in on this post. If you love synthesizer music like I do, you’ll love these. Enjoy.