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Day: May 12, 2010

The Black Laser on Twitter.

What? You didn’t know? For realz? Yes, The Black Laser is on Twitter. It’s been over in the sidebar for ages. I’ve only recently started exploring it for what it is, though, and I have to say I am having fun with it. It’s totally ridiculous. I don’t really think you can convey all that much worth caring about in 160 characters, but it’s fun to drop little lines of bullshit once in a while. If I need more than 160 characters…well, that’s what The Black Laser’s for, right?

I’ve discovered something about Twitter that I genuinely enjoy: hashtag games. If you don’t know, a hashtag is a little bit of extra text on a tweet that looks like this -> #theblacklaser. Users can then search by the hashtag. A hashtag game is when a lot of people post things using the same hashtag. I like to troll these games.

I know, I know. Joe, aren’t you a little old for trolling strangers on the interwebs? To that I say, No. Not at all. And besides, I’m not being mean, just fucking around. Here are some samples of what I mean.

See? Nothing rude. I just like to provide a little contrast to the mostly banal, boorish comments. It makes me laugh. If you’d like to play hashtag game trolling with me, follow me on the Twitter and we can play. It’s fun!

Neuraxis’ “Darkness Prevails”

This band is awesome. I mean, what’s NOT to like about this? I can’t think of a single thing beyond the video itself. This song kills and the entire record, The Thin Line Between, is a perfect example of something done completely right by Canada. They’re also a prime example of one of the weirdest things about Heavy Metal and Hardcore bands: a band with absolutely no original members left. What are you guys, a baseball team? That seems so weird to me. It’s one thing to have line up changes. That happens. But once all the original members are gone, why not change the name? You’ve already changed the sound. Might as well have a new name. Of course, there’s an argument to be had for the branding of the band, but still. This is metal we’re talking about, not fucking Coca-Cola.

High fructose corn syrup is killing you. Eat more animal fat.