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Day: April 2, 2010

Le Le’s “Ich Clack Dich”

I guess it’s a Le Le sort of day day. This one is new to me and I absolutely love it. It might new unsafe for working depending on where you work (i.e., a boring job), but it’s super great so make sure you have 4 minutes without coworkers looking over your shoulder. Those bastards.

Pretty inspirational. They clearly did this on nearly-zero dollars, but it still sings visually. Great track too. All around mega awesome.

Thanks yet again, Jess!

Le Le’s “Breakfast”

Ou et les hos?

Thanks, Jess!

Detroit Grand Pubahs’ “Sandwiches”

Everything about this is just so right I’m having a hard time finding appropriate words. Please, just watch.

Thanks for bringing this back into my consciousness, Morgan!