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My friend Deegan playing his role as “The White Guy in the Corner Mixing With Gloves On.”

Breaking from the wilds of the East Bay, CA, here’s a video from featuring E-40 talking a little bit about the production of his new double record and sipping from a keg cup.

More important that a Bay Area hip-hop legend’s musings on the dopeness of getting Björk sample cleared is that my old, old buddy Deegan is at the helm of the mix, taking care of a room full of rappers, hangers-on, and other folks. Yup, that’s Deegan in the gloves with the beard. Good job, Deegs!

Help my friend get his gold record and buy one of each of E-40’s new records.

E-40 – Revenue Retrievin: Day Shift

E-40 – Revenue Retrievin: Night Shift

Do it! Help Deegan retrieve enough revenue to pay his son’s bills. You know you want to. I just did.