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Posts published in “Day: February 2, 2010

Die Antwoord’s “Zef Side” and “Enter The Ninja”, South African rap-rave at its finest?

I sent these to my friend Gardner earlier and we couldn’t decide if this was real or some elaborate performance. The consensus right now, based almost solely on the horrible tattoos of the frontman, is that it’s real.


Did you get that? Real. Holy living fuck. And you know what? Even if it isn’t real, it’s so fucking brilliant that it’s STILL amazing.

This shit is too awesome for words. I can’t even begin to list off all the things I love about this. The closest thing I can reference is Tripmeister Eder Tutenchamun’s “Goa Goa MPU, Ja!” or Deichkind’s body of work.

Check out their website. Die Antwoord

I need more music like this. Who can help me out?

Thanks for adding this bit of brightness to my life, Boing Boing!