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Converge’s “Axe To Fall”

Director Craig Murray was clearly inspired on this one by the Japanese film Tetsuo- The Iron Man, a proto Japanese gore horror classic. The video itself is a visual assault that matches Converge’s trademark intensity perfectly. I’ve not yet heard the record this track comes from, but Jane Doe has to be one of my all time classics. Enjoy.


  1. Dupi Cogan Dupi Cogan January 6, 2010

    Talk to your doc and maybe she can either refer you or cut you a deal. You think Health Ins is bad now, imagine if the government starts managing us. It will then work like the DMV! What a fiasco that would be!!!

  2. Don Diggler Don Diggler January 11, 2010

    Axe To Fall is one of their best Duder. You need to get it asap.


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