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Day: November 9, 2009

07 – Albert the Painter

With the sun already well past its peak in the sky, Albert knew he only had a few hours to finish his project and get back into the safehouse before dark.  Autumn’s colors inspired him like no other time of the year did.  Green in summer and spring and gray in winter could never quite compete with the  myriad colors vying for your attention during autumn.  Reds and yellows and oranges, crystal clear blue in the sky, green on evergreens singing counterpoint to the deciduous trees; nature was a magnificent symphony of hues and brisk, clear mornings during summer’s wane.  His paintbrush caressed his improvised canvas, globbing on thick mounds of paint, building texture and harmony into his tiny window on how he wished things could be again.  At moments like this, he could almost imagine that all the carnage and death of the last 15 months had never happened, that the world was safe and the nighttime didn’t mean doom.  But those thoughts could wait.  Now he needed only focus on capturing the tapestry of tint before him.  Color’s absence in the safehouse was sorely felt.  He needed to bring it back with him, even if it was just a little bit.   Read more

Baroness’ “A Horse Called Golgotha”

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Because it would have been irresponsible for me, as content provider, to leave you for now with the vile taste of Echoes To Fall in your mouth, here is the brand new video from Baroness whose most recent album, The Blue Record, is currently killing in my regular rotation. Though not as hard edged as the last effort, The Red Record, it is a perfect example of psychedelic art metal, highly original, inspired, and inspiring. If you haven’t yet, check Baroness out.

Echoes The Fall’s “Break Away”

Dear Echoes The Fall,

The mid-90s called and want their shitty-as-fuck-generic-bullshit-pop-metal back. Seriously, the riffs, the lyrics, the song title, the synth, even the shitty fucking video. This is a perfect example of what NOT to do when writing a song or making a music video.


The Black Laser.