If you had to think about it, and I mean, really, what is the most important qualification for a blog to be considered worthwhile? That it gets spam? No. Your grandma gets spam. It’s that you have a troll. Well guess what?! The Black Laser has had it’s first troll!

Apparently, a young person didn’t like what I had to say about Hyper Crush the other day. Here, let me quote it for you.

oneup fuckyou@gmail.com
Submitted on 2009/10/07 at 7:25pm

hyper crush is the truth! i was listening to what you had to say until you put up uffie and whatever else trainwreck wanna be atari teenage riot bullshit.

uffie is the worst lyracist[sic] ever. literally.

but i guess thats why no one reads this blog and i guess thats why i wont either!

The editorial [sic] is mine. Also, please note the inappropriate use of “literally”.

Here’s what I wrote back.

The Wizard
Submitted on 2009/10/07 at 7:27pm

Haha! Thanks for visiting! How’s Irvine this time of year, fuckyou@gmail.com? I’m surprised they let you register that e-mail address! I guess you showed them!

Wasn’t that fun? And really, isn’t even discussing this whole thing just SO postmodern?

One extra, just because he was such a fan of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, here’s some more!