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Hyper Crush’s “Robo Tech”

You know, I want to like this SO BAD—it’s got everything, lasers, geekiness, TRON, garish colors, electrobeats—but I just don’t. I don’t know what it is. Oh wait…yes I do. It’s homeboy’s bullshit rapping and weird, totally inappropriate, faux-ghetto hip-hop posturing. Am I reading this wrong? Is it, like, totally ironic or whatever and I’m just not getting it? I think not. I think that, for as perfect of a visual milieu this is for me, the music just sucks. They aren’t even good beats. And they rapping is sub standard. All these guys have going for them is style, and even that feels forced.

Maybe if they did a video in this style to the following track…


…or maybe this one…

[audio:anb-lenny_dee_butter_burger.mp3|titles=Lenny Dee Butter Burger Rectal Anarchy|artists=Agoraphobic Nosebleed]

Yeah, you tell those fuckers, Scott Hull!