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Month: June 2009 (page 1 of 3)

Still Life With Murder

I’ve been holding on to these amazing paintings for a while and today finally seems like a really good day to share. A Russian illustrator who goes by Geliografic has painted a series of still lifes that feature both your classical fruit and busts and whatever with various weapons.

Here’s a link to the whole gallery: Art of Innovation

Here are a few of my favorites.




They’re all incredible, really. I love how the guns just feel like they should be there, even though your brain says, “Hey, wait a minute. Is that a grenade AND a pomegranate?” (Yes, I know. That one is extra clever.) Check out the gallery. I would gladly hang one of these in my house.

Dear Gardner…

…thank you for the most wonderful photo montage I have ever seen.


No seriously, this warms my heart. God must be having a party right now.

On Michael Jackson’s passing…

I’ve been balling my eyes out all night because it’s always sad when washed up, child molesting monsters die suddenly of drug overdoses after living like recluses for over a decade. Sure, his contributions to the musical landscape were massive…20 years ago. He changed what it means to be a megastar, what it means to be a pop icon. But let’s face it—the man was a ruined, sick person. Has he contributed anything in the last ten years or so but scandal and public outrage? And all of these stars sending out press releases about how sad they are? Yeah, right. Whatever, guys. Where were you when he was being accused of child molestation? Oh, nowhere? WHAT A FUCKING SURPRISE, YOU WORTHLESS FAIRWEATHER FUCKS. What a complete load of bullshit. To be perfectly honest, Michael’s probably in less pain now than when he was alive. And he was such an adorable kid…

I feel much worse about Farrah Fawcett’s death after a protracted battle with cancer. THAT is tragic.

But, so I don’t come off as a total creep and hater, here’s my favorite single Michael Jackson moment of all time.

Did you see that? He turned into a FUCKING ROBOT. Awesome. The only way it could have been better is if he’d been riding a unicorn or a dragon or some shit. If only all the plastic surgery he’d had in real life had turned him into a robot who rode a dragon unicorn and not a scary old white woman who wore pajamas to her court dates.

Here’s another gem from MJ’s career.

Oh shit. That’s Weird Al. Sorry.

Also, did you ever play that Moonwalker game on the Genesis? It was pretty awesome when I was like 8, but I played it like a year ago or whatever and it totally sucked.

Catch you on the go around, MJ.

John Hodgman at Radio & TV Correspondents’ Dinner

Here is John Hodgman’s speech at the Radio & TV Correspondant’s dinner. It’s absolutely hilarious. If you’re half as nerdy as I am, you’ll get all the jokes. If not, what the hell are you doing on my website?

Real content coming soon. I promise.

Simian Mobile Disco’s “Audacity of Huge”

I am a big fan of Attack Decay Sustain Release, so I was stoked to see a new Simian Mobile Disco track. I suppose this means they must have a new record coming out or whatever, but this track and video are pretty cool. I love the plastic cheesiness of the whole thing. Enjoy.

Fever Ray’s “Triangle Walks”

Nothing very smart today. Enjoy the new Fever Ray video instead.

A Timeline of Science Fiction’s Futures

I didn’t make this, but Dan meth did.


Here is a link to the full-sized image.

I love shit like this. I’m sure many of you know that I have been happily counting down until 2019 which is the year that Blade Runner takes place. To have so much of my favorite science fiction laid out all in one handy place for easy digestion is amazing. It makes you wonder if Philip K. Dick had the same world in mind for his three pieces of work on the list—Blade Runner, Total Recall, and Minority Report.

And how about Zardoz? Awesome.

Today is my birthday

Woo. I am 27.

I invite any of you reading to come drink a beer with me at Duff’s here in Williamsburg Brooklyn at 9/:930ish. It’s easily the most metal bar on earth. No hyperbole.

Here’s a present for you on my birthday!