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Posts published in “Day: January 15, 2009

Welcome, Lightning!

Last Saturday was a cold, snowy day here in Brooklyn, so what did Juli and I do? We went for a walk. Obviously. We went for bagels and then to the bookstore and then to get hot chocolate. All in all it was an adorable day. Then she asked, “Can we go up and look at hamsters? It’s kind of a long walk…”

To which I replied, “Sure. Let’s roll.”

So we went up to the pet store on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint to look at hamsters. We saw little hamsters and black hamsters and gray hamsters and pregnant hamsters and a few hamsters that were the size of small dogs. But in the end, Juli settled on a little black hamster that was only a few weeks old. We decided to name him Lightning because A) that’s an awesome name and B) he has a streak of white down his chest. He’s been very nervous the last few days, so we’ve avoided picking him up or disturbing him too much so he can acclimate to his new environment better. He’s very little and has been hiding, but is growing more adventurous and less timid.

Here is the first photo I managed to take of him.

Here’s a more clear photo.

Here are the rest of the selects.

Isn’t he little? I have tremendous faith that he will turn out to be a very special hamster.

Photo tally for 2009: 23/5000