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Posts published in “Day: January 5, 2009

Rad Dudes

Rad Dudes

What the hell is this site about? Does it matter? Regardless, it is unquestionably awesome. So far I’ve found pictures of JRR Tolkien, Wil Wheaton, AND Eden Ahbez. Seriously? That is too awesome. Let’s don’t forget that there are tons of other random photos that are amazing. I think you can sum the whole site up with this photo:

He’s thinking, “Hmmm, if my lawful good Paladin encounters a band of Gnoll raiders, will he be able to fight them off by himself with his paltry 12 in Strength and unenchanted mace that only does 1D4 damage? Will he need to be saved by well timed casting of magic missile by the party’s wizard?”

Thank you, Rad Dudes!