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Day: December 18, 2008

The American Dollar’s “Anything You Synthesize”

This isn’t exactly my preferred kind of music (see previous posts for examples of that), but the video is beautiful. It reminds me of the Chemical Brothers video for “Star Guitar” by Michel Gondry, but I like it more than that. The Chemical Brother’s video is rad, but I think the visuals in the “Anything You Synthesize” video are much more striking on a purely photographic level, even if the video is less kinetic and punchy (but not in a bad way). I love how the elements in the “Star Guitar” video sync to the music, but there is something really epic about “Anything You Synthesize”. Mega epic. For serious.

Here’s the Chem’s video for reference:

See? Similar, though not the same. I like them. There is something to be said about videos that not only don’t have performance, but don’t have the band at all. And that something is “they’re awesome.”

The single best Christmas song I have ever heard


That’s all.