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Month: November 2011 (page 2 of 6)

The Japanese Popstars’ “Let Go”

Another sick house track, another sick as fuck animated video. Following in the footsteps of LeLe and Birdy Nam Nam and a bunch I’m probably forgetting about right now, The Japanese Popstars have unleashed this hallucinogen-fueled, vagina-obsessed video for their track “Let Go”. I heard this song for the first time at a telecine for an NHL job I’m working on right now and I immediately needed to know who it was. My google-fu (“ japanese popstars let go”) found the video immediately. And I am certainly glad I did. It’s awesome.

Watch it. I don’t have anything all that smart to add right now.

Oh, boy, sleep!


PELbO’s “Join Their Game”

Wow. I love this. What a simple yet incredibly effective concept for a music video. And, shit, there’s dancing, which you know quite well is always good with me. Unless it’s taken too seriously, then I have no love for it. Whatever. This video is amazing, the song is catchy, and I think you’ll dig it as much as I did. Super bonus points for getting the band into the video without having even a lick of performance.

This track comes from the band’s new release Days of Transcendence which I had never heard until I watched the video. Hell, I’d never heard of the band at all before this. Color me ignorant. Luckily, it’s on Spotify!

The record is super solid, a mix of dreamy electronics and driving rock with a dissonance that I find very compelling. It’s dark and sad and wistful and triumphant all at the same time. Singer Ine Krsitine Hoem’s vocals are wonderful, kind of like a more forceful St. Vincent. Listen to this record. One of the most interesting new things I’ve heard in a while.

Learn more about PELbO at their website.

A Letter To Having Nothing At All To Say

Dear Having Nothing to Say,

Did you see the game last week? Yeah, it was pretty sweet, huh? The one sportsguy sure did a good job preventing the sportsguy on the opposing squad from accomplishing his goals. It was quite a performance. They certainly are competent practitioners of their sports!

I’m writing today, Having Nothing to Say, because I really have nothing to say. I’ve been trying to think of things I have opinions about, but nothing is coming to me. It’s weird, you know, because I am an opinionated crank of a human being and usually there’s plenty inside my brain to waste people’s precious time. But today—and the last few days, really—I’ve had absolutely nothing at all to say.

There was so much build-up to my 1000th post and 3rd birthday, that I feel like I exhausted my good Black Laser ideas. That is, of course, totally untrue. As long as I breathe there will be a lot of crap for me to spew out onto the interwebs, but I’ve found myself in a bit of a lull, Having Nothing to Say. It’s a little frustrating, I guess, but I’ve also been quite busy (read: there are many people in Skyrim that must die).

And, god damn, I need to get going on my Christmas track. I wrote some good lyrics this morning on the train and I think it’s going to be a very fun one. Here’s a sampling.

It’s Christmas Eve
Waiting at the club
Santa’s gonna show
That motherfucker’s up

Bringing presents
To all girls and boys
Shaking his ass
To this funky techno noise

And Mrs Claus says

Bitch! GET YOUR ASS TO THE CLUB, come on
Get your ass to the club!
No time for thinking
Get your ass to the club!

We got Rudolph in this bitch
We got elves in this bitch
We got snowmen in this bitch
We got Jesus in this bitch.

Mind that those are just rough lyrics I threw together during my trip into town on the M train this morning. Nothing set in concrete. I have no plans for Thanksgiving, so I’m sure there will be plenty of time to get to making sick techno beats and pitch shifted vocals. On that point, I have no plans for Christmas either, so maybe I’ll just spend the rest of the year making dance music alone in my house.

God, that’s depressing.

Anyway, go to hell, Having Nothing To Say, I’m damn sick of you. If you just up and died, I wouldn’t be upset. I wouldn’t miss you. Fuck, this reminds me that I need to write some Togeirs too. Man, so much to do and so few words with which to do them. And remember the William Blake Dance Party Extravaganza? That went nowhere, huh? Jeez.

Whatever, fuck this. I am sick of this letter already.


The Black Laser.

R. Kelly’s “The World’s Greatest”

Why did I awake with this streaming through my head? Why??

On the good side, it reminds me that I still have to get started on my Trapped In The Closet Project which will be a fun thing to do over Christmas when I am not working nor going anywhere. Should be lots of time to write about his magnificent R&B Opera.

Time-lapse from the ISS

Have you ever wondered what I, as reigning Space Pope, sees every day as I sail over your puny, insignificant world deciding whether today shall be the day I raze your filthy planet with fire? It looks a lot like this. Of course, I see many more worlds filled with many more people more deserving of life than you pitiful humans.

Barn Burner’s “Scum of the Earth”

This video makes me want to party like a motherfucker and pretend like I don’t have all sorts of really boring adult responsibilities. But that’s just it, it would only be pretending. Instead, I’ll live vicariously through these dudes and head into work tomorrow (Sunday) sane and sober and annoyed.

The video was directed by Angela Boatwright, who I like to think of as “The Other Metal Angela”.



Welcome to the next millenary posts of The Black Laser, you cheese-eating surrender monkeys. Let’s make them special.