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Month: April 2011 (page 2 of 2)

Wormrot’s “Erased Existence”

Because you need a blast of grind right now.

Black man watches Gravy Rainbow

This is pretty much how I felt when I first saw Gravy Rainbow except I played air drums with severed baby arms instead of afro picks.

Rusko & Reso’s “Lick The Lizard”

Everyone’s favorite British brostep producer Rusko is back with this collaboration with Reso from Rusko’s forthcoming single for “Everyday/Lick The Lizard”. The video is filled with enough lovely classic J-horror footage to brighten up even this fine, rainy, gray, horrible New York City day. Enjoy, humans.

Creative Projects-March: Oops, or, Hiatus Ain’t Got Me Down.

Soooo March wasn’t the most creative month on record for me. I got started on The William Blake Dance Party Extravaganza, but have yet to finish anything. April, I’m look at you for that. I am also reconsidering the direction of that project to maybe be a survey of a bunch of poets (Rime of the Ancient Mariner anyone?) rather than just William Blake. Or maybe I won’t do that. I don’t know. I’m crazy like that. April will be a good month for that work.

Otherwise, nothing much happened in March. I worked a lot, which is always good, but not a whole lot of creative work. On the slim side there.

However, I was quite successful in my pursuit of my secondary goal of slowing my roll. I spent 29 days on hiatus which both saved me money and helped me feel better. Instead of spending all the money I didn’t have in March at the bar, I got out without incurring some stupid credit card bill. More power to me.

Anyway, the update for March is tiny because I don’t have a whole lot to say. Looking forward to a productive, (in)sane April without too much weirdo emotional feedback and bullshit. Love you all.

An Introduction to Grindcore, by my brother.

Over at his blog Ludovico Presents, my brother Charlie has given a small primer on the lovely music style called Grindcore. If you’re not familiar, Charlie describes it like this:

Grindcore is a type of heavy metal that is characterized by blast beats, fast guitars, and short songs (most of the time). If you shorten a death metal song from 3:00 to :30 and as the song shortens, the intensity increases, that is Grindcore. Does that make sense? Who knows. Anyway, if you’re looking to get into some Grindcore check out my little mix. Here is a sample song.

I might also add a couple things. First, Grindcore has its roots in the punk scene—hardcore most notably—whereas Death Metal comes from a pure rock and roll background. Second, Grindcore’s focus is intensity and brutality at the expense of technicality (usually), a pure wall of rage approach. Conversely, Death Metal’s focus (modern Death Metal, anyway) is technicality to achieve brutality.

Anyway, pop on over to his site and download a sampler pack he’s provided for those both in and out of the know.