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Month: February 2011 (page 2 of 6)

Rockets, the French space synth pop you always wanted

I know you woke up this morning thinking, “Fuck. I need some super sweet French space synth music in my life in a serious as hell way. Right now. I can’t fucking wait!”


It’s your lucky day. Courtesy of Aesop Dekker at Cosmic Hearse, I bring you six albums of some of the most perfect cheese ever committed to tape. It might be perfect. And if you don’t enjoy it, I feel for your soul since it will spend eternity in hell*.

Get the albums here: Rockets Beaucoup

When you’ve listened to them all and feel like you wanted to explore the outer regions of space with yours truly, The Space Pope, come on back and tell me why I should take you with me and how disappointed you’re going to be when I don’t.

*The Black Laser does not actually condone belief in Hell or, by extension, Heaven.

Rotten Sound’s “Hollow”

HAHAHAHAHAHA the cheeseburgers are having Olympics!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….oh wait. What?

Preview the new Dark Horse Axe Cop book

Do you like Axe Cop? FUCK NO YOU DON’T!!!! YOU LOVE AXE COP!!!!!

Appropriately, I bet you’re pretty psyched that Dark Horse is bringing out Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth as a series of comics printed on genuine dead trees! Well do you want to get a preview of the new series?! OF COURSE YOU DO!


It’s so AWESOME!

The Beatles perform their hit “Smack My Bitch Up”


A follow up on a post from the other day

Last week I posted about a breakthrough I made about the writing process. A few days ago, I somehow found myself on Judy Blume’s website. I followed a tweet of hers that someone retweeted but I don’t remember who did it. It doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that I spent a little bit of time on her site reading through what she had to say about writing and found advice that echoed what I have discovered the other day.

Before I begin to write I fill a notebook, jotting down everything that pops into my head about my characters and story—bits of dialogue, ideas for scenes, background information,descriptions of people and places, details and more details. But even with my notebook, I still don’t know everything. For me, finding out is the best part of writing.

It’s pretty cool to have such an established author reiterate a conclusion you came to on your own. It makes me feel as if I am on the right path creatively and that is awesome.

Cut Copy’s “Need You Now”

Here’s another example of a $10 music video, but I think they did a better job than The Darkest Hour. Football players wielding swords for the win. It’s a good example of how to make a cool ass video for a tight ass budget. I mean what could they have spent money on? Sound stage, smoke machine, sports outfits (some of which are probably owned by the actors), weapons. I can just hear the director say, “Ok, now you have weapons. Run back and forth, but don’t hit the band.” I wish I was there.

If you haven’t heard it yet, the new Cut Copy record Zonoscope is stupidly great. It is the next step away from their synthpop origins, continuing the move from Bright Like Neon Love to In Ghost Colours. They’ve really gone full-blown new wave on this one and it is incredibly successful. I cannot wait to see them live in April.

Darkest Hour’s “Savor The Kill”

Chicks staring at each other + the woods + doggies + band playing in a strobe light room + (spoiler alert!) chick in white actually being a wolf and ripping out the heart of the chick in red = fairly standard $10 heavy metal video.

“Savor The Kill” comes from Darkest Hour’s newest record “The Human Romance” which you can hear stream in its entirety here. The song is probably the most typical of the band’s style on the record, but I think that the parts of the album in which they venture into new territory are the best like in “The World Engulfed In Flames”. Overall, a solid output by a consistent as hell band. Check it out.

Dead Island trailer

Now, I don’t really talk about video games here on The Black Laser not because I have some particular disdain for them, but because, for some reason, talking about them makes me feel on the wrong side of too dorky. In fact, I quite like them (Fallout, I love you) even if they make me feel stupidly unproductive. I suppose that video games are sort of my secret shame, which, in the grand scheme of life, the universe, and everything, is a pretty benign (and banal) secret shame.

Anyway, I don’t know anything about this game Dead Island, but I liked the recently released trailer so much that I had to share. Zombies are a little played out these days, yet this trailer feels fresh. It’s a great piece of work.