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Month: August 2010 (page 2 of 5)

This is all you need to know.

A monkey riding a goat. The end.


Majela ZeZe Diamond’s “Tickle My Vagina”

My friend Jamez posted this on Facebook as a response to my Cee Lo post below.

Now, I don’t know if he’s commenting on me, since this is how I look right now:

Or if he is commenting on himself, since this is how he looks:

Either way, it’s like he’s blessed us with this weird tranny mess singing about wet vaginas and why she loves to fuck dudes who have beards. If this is not the feelgood hit of 2010, I don’t know what is. Fuck all that slowed-down-Justin-Blieber shit and Double Rainbow song and whatever out there. Majela ZeZe Diamond and her (his?) vagina song is the new hot shit.

Cee Lo’s “Fuck You!”

This has been floating around the last week or so, but I thought it was worth sharing for the 3 of you out there who have yet to see it. If you’re offended by crude language, then don’t watch this video. Also, what the fuck are you doing reading my site?

Los Rakas’ “Abrazame”

My friend Deegan for being such a die-hard metal dude, sure does mix a lot of non-metal stuff. Like this for example. What would you call this? I don’t even know. I also can’t tell if these guys are good at what they are doing. It’s just so far out of my realm of understanding that analysis is impossible. It’s like asking a person who’s been blind his whole life to describe the difference between red and magenta. Impossible.

Anyway, check this video out. Maybe you’ll have more luck than I have, but maybe not. Regardless, support my homie and listen to his hard work. And then pay him to do some mixing for you. His son needs to eat.


Indian Pole Gymnastics

I can totally do this. But, seriously, who even knew this was a thing? What the hell? Love the back hair on the second dude. Excellent.

Thanks, Tiffany!

Matthys’ “Robot-Tribe”

If the machines had a dance party, this track would be in the rotation for sure.

Röyksopp’s “Adventures in Barbieland”

This spectacularly weird 10 minute video featuring the members of Röyksopp as a sleeping bum and an old man living with a Barbie-obsessed man and his wife boils down to an excellently executed announcement for their new record Senior which comes out in September. Check it. This rules.

Ratatat’s “Drugs”

They all be trippin’.