I will never refer to this band as “Rhapsody of Fire” even though that’s what they had to legally change their name to a few years ago. For me, they will always and forever be just plain old Rhapsody, the finest Italian Advanced Dunegons & Dragons Power Metal band in the history of the universe. Sure, they’re cheesy as hell and the music is utterly ridiculous, but, dude, they totally rock too.

The video itself? A prime example of boring performance-only tripe. Where are the knights, guys? Or the naked demon chicks? Or the time travelling children? Where’s the flame and bombast and shitty visual effects that make your other music videos so totally bitchin’ rad? Don’t tell me you’re trying to class up your act with this white cyc video. Of course, at the very end we have a classic Rhapsody moment with the “To Be Continued” title card. We’ll see where this goes.

However, the song totally rules. Unlike the video, it still contains all the elements that make Rhapsody so awesome: constant double bass drums, synthesizer solos, guitar solos, battling synth and guitar solos, Fabio Leone’s wicked wail. Just too great. If this band doesn’t make you want to rock out until your head snaps off, you’re not doing it right.