I haven’t given a shit about Soulfly for probably a million years. When the first record came out, I was all about it, but even by the second one I’d lost interest. I love Sepultura and Nailbomb, but Max took Soulfly in that lame late-90s tribal direction which really killed my appreciation of the band.

But then I saw this on Metal Sucks and, holy shit, it’s actually awesome. Kind of amazing, frankly, since I’d written Max Cavalera off as a has-been, never to release another thing worth listening to. But this almost has me excited for the new Soulfly record. And, as much as I am not a fan of Puciato-era Dillinger Escape Plan, I have to admit that he rocks here. Impressive.

Furthermore, bands take note, this is a PERFECT example of how to have a performance video not suck. Most metal videos made on a shoestring budget end up just featuring the band performing in a warehouse or abandoned factory or in the desert. And they all suck ass. There’s nothing worse than a video of a band playing in a factory. They’re not even worth watching.

But this is stylish and slick and well cut. All the speed ramps are awesome. The footage looks great. We’re not focused on the lead singer the whole time. It’s just a perfect example of how do this kind of video. Good job, production team. You killed it here.

Also, huge bonus points for Morbid Angel, Max. Color me excited for Omen when it’s out.